Thursday, February 18, 2010

First Kill!

Yup! Today I got my first kill. It was not very epic but it was the first. I was going to my usual title quest mob spot when I saw someone killing the skeletons. After so much run & hide, today I decided to try to kill that guy. I advanced slowly and when he was looting a weapon rack, I attacked him. I was surprised to see that he had very low health and I quickly killed him. Wow, what an AR for a short battle. When I'll have to battle for a long time I'll die of a heart attack. Fortunately, he carried a mount, precious mount and a good amount of reagents aswell. After I went to bank it, slowed my heart down and went back to the skeletons I finally killed all the 300!! So yes, today it was a good day.

PS: Forgive the bad writing, despite my spoils I'm not inspired today...


  1. Congratulations on the kill -- and the mount. That's always a nice surprise!

  2. Thanx! Right now, mounts are the most precious treasure because I need one everytime I leave my city.