Tuesday, February 9, 2010

¡¡First real PvP!!

¡Yes! Finally, yesterday, I decided  to attack another player. It was a quiet evening near a wilderness bank with its tower, its two NPC and few noobs gathering around. You know, typical newb wilderness bank close to newb city. I got there and I quickly saw a red guy crouchwalking towards another mahirim who was mining some ore. Without thinkin a lot about it and encouraged by the 4 or 5 mahirim newbs around me, I start shooting at him before he can reach the mining buddy. Quickly, the other mahirim notices what happens and lots of mana missile starts flying towards the human female. I tried to get close while still dodging her arrows but, man, her archery is a lot better than mine and, even if I think I hit her more than she hit me, after 5 o 6 arrows I'm dead. When I got back there, she was gone and so was my equipment.
Anyway, it was fun!!

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