Friday, February 12, 2010

Blood Scrolls and other links

Some good news!! Today the Darkfall Blood Scrolls webpage has gone online! There will be recorded all the important events happening in Agon. For the moment, there's only The Rise of the Ul'Tanneks, in the EU side that is, the first and old event finished a while ago. I'm hoping that soon Av will update the webpage with the lattest event, the second one, Trinkets of Blood and that the next event will happen soon rather than later. I'm a low level character at the moment, but I just wanna see it and be there.
In addition to Blood Scrolls link, you'll find two more links, the official page of the game and the link to Darkfall Forums. Oh, ho, ho! The Darkfall Forums are another game entirely, with its own set of rules, famous characters and so on. It's really funny to read and you can learn so many things, unfortunately it has its good share of annoying people and sometimes it seems that everybody there are more interested in insulting each other than discussing the different aspects of the game.

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