Friday, January 28, 2011

When you think it's over... it's not.

I knew my grinding was not really over because I still had to level many magic spells so they are as effective as they can be but, after having Archery and Daggers kinda maxed out, I decided to stop worrying about the magic grind and just watch it slowly increase while I'm casually playing with my wolf. That decision is not written in stone because after losing a battle to a high magic character I'm always thinking: "I gotta level my damn rays". Despite that, my resistance to grinding is very low so I grind my magic for a day and already feel exhausted and go back to PvEing or PvPing for fun.
After thinking about it for a long time and discussing it with several clanmates, I've decided to start another grind: Greataxes. If you are asking why, you are not playing this game. Daggers are very underpowered and it doesn't look like Aventurine is giving them any love soon.
I've already accepted I'll never be a great fighter in Darkfall due to its own system. Too many buttons gets too chaotic for me. I'm more a "few tools with many uses" kinda guy (still waiting my Battlefield World (Bad Comany 2 + Darkfall FTW!)). Despite accepting that sad true, I won't stop trying to get better and I'm sure that using Greataxes is a good way to improve my combat efficency. Right now, my Greataxes skill is at 33 so I still have a long way ahead of me. But that's fine, as long as noone starts developing Battlefield World, I'm staying in Agon for a very long time.
The good news? In the latest patch, Av has increased skill gains across the board, so maybe it won't take as long as it took to level Daggers.

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