Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Comment on 21st January Activity Report

Thank god those weekly activity reports are back! They're so juicy!
This week's report is quite something, check it out here. Tasos starts with good news about Meditation, basicly it'll be cheap and there will be new ways to get meditation points. I've stopped all the meditation until this happens of course.
Tasos goes on teasing the upcoming expansion and the first thing he says is:
The next expansion has two prongs: one involves a complete overhaul and dramatic streamlining of the world and complete redistribution of all its features. The second prong has to do with a competitive component on a completely level playing field for all players.
I'm very interested in the second part. What does that mean? I've started a thread in forums to gather people's thoughts about it. There's a number of interesting options but, taking into account the first part pointing at a map remake, it looks like Av is completely upgrading the combat system to a point where all previous skills are rendered useless. This seems quite radical, and so is a server wipe, my second option, but the sentence itself is quite radical aswell. It could also be a 4th combat mode besides Melee, Archery and Magic, I don't know, Martial Arts maybe?, Black Powder Guns? Who knows? I'm surely curious.
The tease continues with more interesting bits like city upgrades, major changes to the crafting system, reducing the grind, hacking prevention and some other stuff. For me, this first two sentences are the more interesting without a doubt. It looks like we'll have a changed map when the expansion hits, with redistributed mobs and resources going the regionalized way. But now, it also looks like we might have a serious change in combat mechanics. Can you imagine Darkfall working like Warband? How would you feel if there was a server wipe? Are you excited to skill up another combat option?

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