Monday, January 17, 2011

Siege Report: Vranghorn 16 January

Well, yesterday, Lux Arcana succesfully sieged Vranghorn from Harbringers of Nithron alliance (Black Phoenix, Black Team, Goodfellas and RunAway). The sieged started in our now usual Big March where all our active members ride or run together towards the objective. After a little detour, our melee guys, fully buffed, lead a charge to the top of a mountain riding their Battlehorns with all the rest sprinting behind them. I gotta say it was the charge was awesome and those who did it enjoyed it very much despite some very low fps here and there. It's a shame that such moments are not as good as they could be with better performance.
When I arrived up there I started shooting arrows to the enemies and sacrificies to my clanmates but, outnumbering them and after the battlehorn charge we got rid of them pretty fast. I think we didn't loose nobody in that first fight. After that, everything was quiet for some time but then, they started to hit the siegestone and there we went to defend it. We were late but managed to interrupt them when the stone was at 5% health. Very soon we started attacking the bindstone with cannons and minutes later, a Get Good group attacked. My group was slightly up the mountain yet and tried to flank them but they went straight to us. It was actually quite good because the cannons had time enough to destroy the bindstone before Get Good was able to create serious havok.
Moments later, we regrouped from the long chase the Get Good members offered us and started sprinting towards Andruk because some people had lost all their mounts in the fights. In Andurk, SUN hitted us a bit but we even managed to split the siege loot and I received some needed stuff before I logged. All in all, a very nice evening with nice fights and a victory!

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