Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Comment on 14th of January update

Four days ago, Tasos made an update on Darkfall. Tasos spotlighted the support team banning some people for gold-selling related stuff. He also said the meditation skill will improved with cheaper prices, quicker timers, more skills and free meditation points for not yet known reasons. The next and last subject is what shines the most. Tasos politely asked for some feedback on an idea their working on:
The topic: Consider armors and clothing working to enhance certain specific abilities like for example magic, melee, archery vs. hindering or even blocking others during their use.
Well, well, for starters, the examples are kinda already ingame. It's called Encumbrance. The don't enhance or block but their encumbrance marks what is it best suited for. Most people on ForumFall has shouted yes and some of them in full rage-mode. I've been trying to find something about the topic that doesn't involve melee, archery or magic because of the encumbrance thingy but since everything is combat in Darkfall it's hard. I guess some clothing might enhance Riding, Sailing or some stuff like that. But I don't like the idea of an armor that gives bonus to melee and hinders archery and magic and so on. That's too rigid, like a way to force differentiation. I'd like to see Elemental Robes or Armor, Riding and Sailing Clothes, Crafting Robes...
Anyway, for me, the best that could happen armor-wise is that your whole encumbrance should affect your running and sprinting speed. That would really be awesome!

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