Monday, April 26, 2010

Risk vs Reward

Risk versus reward seems to be one of Darkfall's mottos and it truly works like that. The other day I decided to cash 6 veilron keys I had. I found a suitable dungeon with a safe bank nearby and I entered it with one key only because I wanted to check it. The first trip went very good and I cashed my first key. Seeing that it had been easy, I decided to take 2 keys with me this time. The second trip was also ok and I managed to kill some mobs in between the keys. Finally I decided to take the 3 remaining keys but, lucky me, some player was inside the dungeon too and he killed me, taking the three veilron keys, my mount and well, everything he wanted. The combat between us was quite quickly and the bad news are that the Adrenalin Rush still kicks too hard to let me focus properly. In that combat, I even Alt-Tabbed out of Darkfall by mistake, so go figure. I guess I need to do more PvP to be able to fight calmly and cold-blooded.


  1. Eek -- alt-tabbing probably won't win you many fights. Good story, though :)