Thursday, April 22, 2010

More mounts!!

In yesterday, spotlight we had the announcement of several new mounts. A new mahirim mount, the lovely Tribeland Bear in the picture, will be added very soon. Then some mix between gazelle and cheetah called Blue Tail Runner, which is faster than normal mounts but has less hit points, will come after that. But the really good news is the last part: "This cheetah-gazelle mix is just the first of a more specialized collection of mounts being added, each with a specific role or purpose. Some of them feature additional skills useful in certain situations, and differ from each other in a wide range of abilities." I really like that.
For the moment, mounts are still pretty valuable because I haven't found any easy steedgrass-droping mob near my city but my toon is slowly growing stronger and everything shall come.

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