Saturday, April 24, 2010

No more crafting

Well, that's actually a lie. I do craft many things but since recently I was following a loose code of using only what I can get, from looting or crafting. For that reason I've grinding weaponsmithing, hoping that I could make my own r40 weapons in no time. But far from it, after having crafted more than 300 weapons I only have 70 Weaponsmithing. Come on! So, the other day I handed some of the mats to a friendly clan mate and he crafted some r40 knives for me. I'll still try to skill weaponsmithing up but in the semi-afk moments I might had, and sharing this time with many other crafting tasks. I'd like to see some changes in the HP fix fashion concerning crafting and melee. I really would like that.

1 comment:

  1. In real life, we aren't all masters of all trades. Perhaps it's a good thing that you don't try levelling weaponsmithing, and instead hire a master weaponsmith to make your weapons. That allows you to choose to become a master of something else (be it fishing, or assassination, or whatever), rather than being a jack of all trades.