Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steedgrass: Love and Hate

To create new mounts, highly need if you aren't training for the marathon, you need Steedgrass and you can get it from Herb Spawns but, man, it's so rare I have just found 4 of them in 2 weeks and I've surely been gathering a lot since my Herb Gathering is @58. I think I got the 4 of them in a hamlet's farm where its drop chance must be a little higher.


  1. In my experience, city nodes have the same drop rate. But the drop rate does seem to be rather sporadic. You might try farming them from mobs -- hivekin, forest golems, or wildtribe mages, for example.

  2. I like to kill centaurs for steedgrass. Maybe there is a centaur spawn nearby you?

  3. Yes, after many bushes I started farming a nice and lonely Hivekin Queen and some Centaurs for Steedgrass. Much better.