Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enchanting is a little %$·%&/

I'm trying to get my enchanting skill up and logically I've been farming mats from mobs. Everyone is telling me that enchanting is a real pain in the ass since it's very expensive and hard to skill up but anyway, I'd like to be kind of autonomous and try every piece of this game, so... First I discovered that for starters you can only use Quality 1 mats until you have enchanting@25. I had few Q1 mats so I kept on farming mobs, Revenants were nice with their daggers and staff drops. When I had some more I tried it again but I could only make very few and useless things. I think I'll forget about enchanting until two weeks or so, then I'll recheck my mats with this and I'll see what can I do.

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