Thursday, January 21, 2010

Adrenalin Rush

One of the many things that separates Darkfall from WoW, the two mmorpgs I've played, is the Adrenalin Rush. In WoW, your character or your equipment are not in real virtual danger at any moment and the death penalty is the journey to your spot or some equipment durability. In Darkfall, your character is not in any danger either, but your equipment... hell, yes. So, when fighting in a relly tight fight and, mostly of foremost, when fighting with or even fleeing from players, the Adrenalin Rush kicks really hard. I really need to work on my relaxation and cold-bloodedness (this word doesn't exist, does it?) because when in AR I can't think straight, even less tactically. I guess time will help me with that.


  1. TIme helps, but I also have to tell myself "Okay, calm down. You're just gonna do ...", otherwise I get all shaky and nervous.

  2. Hehe, yeah, it's really exciting! The more you die though, the less you mind loosing your stuff. And before you know it you'll have plenty of equipment and will be ready to fight whenever you want.

  3. I'm not really worried about the equipment but the AR keeps kicking. My problem is that I forget to use everything I can and to look to my health bar. I keep swinging or shooting thinking that my enemy'll die but I end up dead. Anyway, I haven't had lots of PvP yet so... I'll get better. If you are on EU, you might see it! ;-P