Saturday, May 22, 2010

We did it again! Yeah!

Yes! Some members of the CotP (Tossu, Ege, Sam, Tahvo and me) grouped together and went hunting mobs. First some Raven and then some Beastman Chieftain, those last bastards are really a pain in the ass. I can positively say we had a thrill even if it was all very nooby. Working together is just wonderful and it's the reason MMORPGs were born. I can't wait to be ready to do some real PvP hunting party and participate in some small scale PvP.
The most awsome thing of it all is that I was the ranking officer and looter of the party and I did not make it crash! I've enjoyed the experience a lot and I look forward to guide my mates in real combat. Shame we all are too weak yet, AV reduce the goddam gap!

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