Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My epic adventure in Naval Mayhem II

 I couldn't make it to the first Naval Mayhem (now we now its name) so I was thrilled they decided to repeat it. I was very early in Nerzok, the ork city, and I couldn't see the boat. Some people was coming and goign, including some ANG. I asked them if they were coming along or going to slay us all. I think was Niburu who answered they were coming with us and if we didn't attacked them, the wouldn't attack us. When the hour was upon me I started to ask where the boat were and I discovered it was waiting for us north of the city, out of tower and visual range. Well, I don't understand this choice at all, I would rather like the boat to be spawned really close to the city so it's more racial than it really was. In Orks boat there were a lot of ANG people, some alfar and dwarf included, and some other clanned and unclanned people. Despite the racial thing had just gone out the window I was happy because it was looking very promising.
We were sailing north to the northern Sea Tower but very slowly and our GM Captain was not a very good sailor. Also, he said nothing to us, despite we tried, we remained completely muted. I also don't understand why. We wanted answers to some basic questions as, why don't you trade with me? Well...
Later, we found a Schooner that some ANG guy took and used to follow us.
We only had one incident and I have a screen to tell the story for me:
When I started typing "peace out!" Krankone and T4pan were in front of each other and I was kinda between them. By the time I finished the line, I was nearly dead because of both guys swinging and I barely managed to get out alive. Well, I gotta say I didn't like it one bit but I'm not gonna judge it beyond that.
At some point we had two ships escorting the SotL, but one of them got unspawned; i don't really know if that ships was one of the "random spawned ships" or it was previously owned by someone.
At some point, before any real battle, some people started spamming some magic and melee for the lulz, I got hitted and went one deck down to calmly heal. Then, even I was alone and one deck under the other players, the crashed due to memory error. Come on, Av! I prayed not to be back in Nerzok but, of course, there I was. The ship was really far by then and so I logged. And that was my Naval Mayhem II! Not so epic!

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