Sunday, May 30, 2010

Siege Report: Oethrain 30th May

Well, just a few hours ago started a new siege we, BoS alliance, dropped on ANG. We left Hal-Kali by boat and that picture shows the moment after we touched land close to Oethrain. Seconds after I took the shot, we were told that an ANG ships was coming and we went for it despite being a little scattered. After some fights in the water and some exchange of boats (I believe that happened but I'm not completely sure) we were killed and retreated back to HK.
Our second push was by mount and this time we were a nice packed group of 20 raiders aprox riding towards Oethrain. Not far from there, we got ambushed by ANG, I didn't managed to see their numbers clearly but people say we were outnumbered. Obviously no buffs on. Some of us managed to survive and gathered in hill nearby. The siege was over and some of that little group recalled back just before two? ANG appeared at our doorstep following Purple. We lost that fight aswell. Damn! It wasn't a good afternoon.
Back in Hal-Kali everyone was talking about the spy ANG must have in our lines and it really sounds like the truth. In both attacks they knew exactly where we were and had the numbers to stop us easily. I can completely make my mind about. On one side, I like players using spies because the game and the world feels more organic On the other side, there will always be players who won't use these tactics and so, they'll be in disadvantage. It's not a matter of game mechanics that you won't use like not using magic at all because my character hates all magician. It's a social mechanic related to how clans work. I don't know...


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  2. Interesting account, Erruk. What's the bigger picture? Why is there a war between Shadowlords and ANG? Is it as a result of the disbanding of the Cairn Alliance?