Monday, March 1, 2010

I nearly have what it takes

Well, well, after 2 months of play, I finally feel that I almost have what it takes to be a competitive warrior in Darkfall. None of my fight skills is over 75 and I have no mastery yet, but I'm really close, maybe another week or so. Very soon I'll be able to craft my own good rank weapons too and I already have good armour in my bank. Some time ago I DECIDED to go PvP for the first time, I went to a hamlet from Crimson Aliance I believe and there was some nervous stalking, some tower zapping and finally I managed to kill a guy who was wearing better armour than I did. So, a good trip!
Yesterday, I participated in a very easy siege with my alliance. The other side didn't even appear but it was nice to see that we can act like coordinately and so on. It was also fun to see so many people gathered.
For all of these and some more, I feel I'm ready to PvP. The bad point is that I'm not very patient and so, I like to solo PvP aswell, but I'm not exactly there yet. But soon... very soon.

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