Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Grind

Well, the Grind is proabably the most discussed issue in Darkfall forums. It has to do with "Stat/Skill gain", "noobs vs vets gap", crafting and some other things. Well, I've positioned myself in "too much grind" side of the debate. Last week I've been trying to skill weaponsmith so I could be able to make my own weapons, hoping to get to rank40. But gathering is too slow and too boring. Come on, Av how can you expect a player to be in front of his computer without going afk if there's nothing to do or watch during gathering? Is plain impossible.
The other side of the grind is not so bad. Hunting mobs is funny. The problem is the very small gain you get when trying to skill something. Melee is really slow or so it seems to me. I'm in my second month and been playing quite a lot and I don't have any mastery yet and my melee is still below 70. I'm close and I'm going to enjoy it but taking the masteries as an average line of competitivity, two months of hardcore playing is a little bit too much.
We'll have to wait and see if Darkfall 2010 reduces the grind. I sure hope so.

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